BOULDER: The Progressive Capital Of Colobama

March 8, 2009


Colorado has always been an interesting state politically. The first thought of the state usually conjures up thoughts of ski mountains, hiking in the Rockies, with perhaps some white water rafting thrown in.  It’s got Boulder, the liberal college town known for it’s green progressivism, and a slew of other outdoors/ski/youthful places seated in the mountains.

Looking closer, but without the need to squit the other side of Colorado is evident. Colorado Springs, for example, owes its existence to the military. The eastern part of Colorado, or West Kansas as it seems is conservative through and through.  Colorado is historically a red state–only three elections since World War II have gone to Democrats.  They even voted for Bob Dole, if that is an indication.


Outdoor enthusiasts were excited by Obama’s promise of no fewer than 25 new rock climbing faces introduced by 2012.  His proposal also called for creating five new whitewater rafting rivers in the next four years.

But it would seem in Boulder that Colorado could be witnessing a changing of the guard.  It could be just that people there were sick of  the previous conservative grip of the last eight years.  It also could be Obama’s progressive  rock star status that had the state ovewrwhelmingly vote Democrat this past year.  Numerous stores on the Mall in Boulder sold t-shirts and posters and all sorts of Obama laden objects.  I saw one store where people stood next to a life-size Obama cardboard cut out posing for pictures.  Imagine a store selling George Dub gear like that?

“Cardboard cutouts?  Yeah, we got’em–in the effigy section.  Lighters  and gasoline sold separately.”

It is not a bold statement to speak wondrously at how Obama is so popular in  one of the greenest and healthiest city in the country.  It’s like observing with amazement how Sarah Palin was so popular in Jefferson Davis County, Texas.  But it makes me wonder if the number of transplants and progressive folks are starting to outnumber the conservative bloc in Colorado.   As stock of things like soy and organic snow shoes and eucanacia-fueled cars rise, the conservative hopefuls seem to fade from prominence.


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