COLORADO IN FEBRUARY: A Photographic Journey

March 11, 2009

dsc04268Boulder sits nestled by the mountains. This is the point where the first ‘settlers’ heading west to California saw the prairies end and the mountains begin. It was a collective “Holy (expletive), we’re supposed to get the wagons and oxen and everything over those mountains?  Hmmm, this looks like a great place to build a town down here. We’ll begin construction of whole food stores and yoga studios and we’ll call it…Boulder!”

dsc04301This is my baby nephew Quinn at the “Tony Soprano Look Alike Contest for Babies.”  Unfortunately, Quinn lost a close one to a baby that wore a little Italian suit and smoke cigars.

dsc04399The Royal Arch. Rocks, trees, and blueberry skies= Colorado.

dsc04412Still life with tree, rock, and more trees and rocks farther away.


I chose to shoot the pictures of Rocky National Park in black and white since there were no other colors in existence that day in the park.

dsc04515The Mighty Elk.  Looking at this massive beast one word that doesn’t immediately come to mind is the word ‘intelligent.’


One Response to “COLORADO IN FEBRUARY: A Photographic Journey”

  1. K said

    Sweet black and white shot. Lucky dog — to CO for a visit? Nice. Me and MT are hooking up this summer — aw yeah.

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